Pump Tube Sets & Pharmacy Accessories

Pump Tube Sets

The MT-1100 pump tube set is designed to provide an alternative and lower-cost disposable set for fluid transfer applications that is compatible with the most popular pharmacy pumps.

The physical dimensions, materials used, and connections are designed so that only a simple validation is required by the user to confirm compatibility with their systems and procedures.

Pump Tube Set
Fluid Filled Connectors

Fluid Fill connectors

Luer lock connectors that can connect a male luer to syringes, tube sets, repeating syringes, bag ports and other containers. Sterile and individually packed with a cap to allow intermittent fills and capped storage.

Both the pump tube sets and fluid fill connectors are manufactured by BQ+ Medical who are world renowned in terms of their resources and Quality Systems. https://bq-md.com.

Miktell Ltd also manufacture a range of press in bottle adaptors (PIBAs) to assist the filling of  enteral tip syringes from the most common medicine vials.


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