The Bexen Medical TPN bag range

The Bexen range of TPN bags and accessories are designed to provide conditions for the optimal preservation of parenteral formulations.

The bag design and the accessories available also allows for different filling techniques to suit your procedures, whether that is gravity feeding, use of a compounder, or vacuum box.

Oxygen and light are the main factors affecting the stability and degradation of the components of parental nutrition and certain drugs. The BEXEN MEDICAL range of MEDICAL GRADE EVA BAGS to allow for the needs and conservation requirements of different parenteral formulations.

EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) is the ideal polymer to regulate the biochemical reactions that occur inside parenteral nutrition bags and those containing other formulations, generating a controlled atmosphere that helps preserve the formulation.

The Bexen range of TPN bags are:

  • Provided sterile (either in single bags / pouch, or 5/pouch)
  • Available in capacities 150ml to 5000ml
  • Printed with a demonstrative fill level scale
  • Available with either a large bore or small FLL filling port.
  • Fitted as standard with an add port and twist off giving port (other styles of port are available upon request).
  • Available with attached 6-way gravity feed line that includes a 40 micron in-line filter.
EVA bags for parental nutrition

Which type of bag to use?

Monolayer EVA or Multilayer

Monolayer EVA or Multilayer

The multi-layer material has 5 layers as shown in the diagram

UV photoprotective bags are also available on request

The Pharmacopoeia defines that an element is photoprotective when the transmittance between 190-450 m is less than 10%.

TRANSMITTANCE SWEEP Monolayer and Multilayer

The monolaver and multilaver transparent EVA bags offer different degrees of photoprotection but they are NOT considered as photoprotective.

TRANSMITTANCE SWEEP Monolayer Photoprotective UV

Our EVA monolaver UV photoprotective bags (vellow) are photoprotective.

For a greater degree of photoprotection, we advise the use of the Bexen Medical photoprotective bags.

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